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IR Systems

IR Systems has undergone significant advancements in its operations over the recent years, marking a period of unprecedented growth. Our approach to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is characterized by innovation and forward-thinking strategies, redefining the optimal deployment and management of ICT resources.

Throughout our journey, we’ve meticulously selected top-tier Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for infrastructure products and sought out specialists known for excellence in middleware products. Employing our structured DREAM methodology (Define, Review, Engineer, Accelerate, Manage), we’ve established an organization dedicated to simplifying your end-to-end ICT requirements, regardless of scale. From initial design to the entire lifespan of your technologies, we remain committed to your needs.

Complementing our product portfolio at IR Systems are the facilitating services we implement to seamlessly integrate technologies into fully operational systems. Additionally, our sustaining services provide comprehensive support throughout the entire lifespan, ensuring you receive assistance where and when you need it.

CEO Message

Ismail Tahir

With a three-decade journey as an entrepreneur, I proudly serve as the CEO and founder of IR Systems, an esteemed I.T. organization. As a successful I.T. entrepreneur, I bring forth the capability to translate knowledge into tangible company profits. My strengths include fostering the development of a winning team, embracing industry changes with flexibility, and adeptly addressing problem-solving and conflict resolution.

I remain dedicated to staying abreast of the latest knowledge and consistently engage in continuous research on I.T. products and solutions. Leveraging my technical expertise, I possess extensive knowledge of the current global I.T. solutions landscape and emerging companies within the I.T. industry. Through ongoing research into the latest technologies, I ensure the acquisition of cutting-edge I.T. products to enhance our organizational capabilities.


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