XCubeDAS XD5300 series
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Latest 12Gb SAS 3.0 DAS/JBOD System


QSAN XCubeDAS XD5300 series is a cost-effective DAS (Direct Attached Storage) or JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Disks) for server expansion. It is also a RAID expansion enclosure for QSAN SAN (Storage Area Network) XCubeSAN series.

High Performance & High Throughput

The XD5300 solutions set a new storage standard for direct-attached storage. The series provides a smart and elastic runtime configuration of the 10 x 12Gb/s SAS wide ports support and allows IT managers to fully utilize the 480Gb/s data bandwidth per system for various applications. The XD5300 series is fully tested with various configurations and can deliver up to 24,000MB/s1 sequential read and 20,000MB/s1 sequential write in throughput and over end-to-end 4.2 million2 sequential IOPS. It is ideal for video editing, high performance computing, cloud storage, streaming, broadcasting, virtualization, and datacenters.

Wide Ranging Product Portfolio


The XD5300 series features a wide range of form factors including:

  • XD5324: 4U 24-bay, LFF (Large Form Factor)
  • XD5316: 3U 16-bay, LFF
  • XD5312: 2U 12-bay, LFF
  • XD5326: 2U 26-bay, SFF (Small Form Factor)

QSAN XD5326 model (2.5” 2U 26-bay) is the industry’s first high density all flash/low power DAS storage. It has two more storage bays (around 8% more capacity) than the popular 2U 24-bay products available on the market.

Dual Active Controllers & High Availability Design


The XCubeDAS XD5300 DAS systems offer fully redundant components for all major functions, including dual controllers, power supplies, fan modules, host ports, and expansion ports. Besides hot swappable components, the XD5300 firmware is able to update firmware without any system down time and balancing IO loading through multiple paths and dual controllers.

Redundant & Hot-pluggable Components


The XD5300 series features a fully modularized, cable-less architecture. In addition to Dual-Active controllers, all critical components inside the unit such as power supply modules, fan modules, and hot pluggable provide fault tolerance capabilities.

Multipath Storage Access


To provide a fault-tolerance and load-balancing storage system, all data paths in the system from hard drives, backplane, expander physical links, and front-end ports to servers have to be both hardware and well-defined firmware redundancy protection. The XCubeDAS XD5300 series is built with fully redundant paths and protection to every data I/O and compatible with Microsoft Windows MPIO, Clustering, and Linux Multipathing. The multipath software layers in the operating systems can leverage the redundant paths to provide performance enhancing, e.g., load-balancing, round-robin, failover, and dynamic reconfiguration.

Flexible Expansion


The XD5300 series expansion enclosures offer flexible drive configurations. For LFF chassis of XD5324/XD5316/XD5312 models, they support mix and match 3.5″/2.5″ SAS, NL-SAS HDD, and 2.5” SAS, SATA3 SSD. For SFF chassis of XD5326 models, they support 2.5″ SAS, NL-SAS HDD, and 2.5” SAS, SATA3 SSD.

For the maximum number of disk drives support, it depends on the capability of the HBAs and RAID controller cards4. For the expansion of QSAN XCubeSAN series SAN storage, it supports up to ten of mixing XD5300 series for expansion and allows scaling up to 286 disk drives (including SAN storage).

Versatile Topologies & Flexible Configurations


The XD5300 features all 12Gb/s SAS topologies and permutations of all host and expansion port configurations. The XD5300 series supports all 12Gb/s SAS topologies, including Cascade, Reverse, and Tree. The XD5300 series can be deployed freely to fit various connections to the host servers. With up to 10 x 12Gb/s SAS ports support per system, this feature is crucial for users to plan a well-defined resource arrangement to achieve highly utilized performance and capacity of the XD5300 system.



Users can select a specific group of disk slots and define a zone for it. There can be up to 5 zones per system. Each zone can be assigned to at least 1 x 12Gb/s SAS port. The zoning feature provides better security control even in the direct-attached system scenario. Users can use different zones for multiple host servers that connect to the same DAS systems and still have different access control for different zones.

Runtime Configuration


The XD5300 controller’s host and expansion ports can be configured and changed IN / OUT5 during runtime for different applications and environment requirements. The setting is effective immediately without rebooting the system. The 5 IN, 4 IN / 1 OUT, or 3 IN / 2 OUT configurations displayed below are recommended for better performance utilization.

QSAN CubeView Central Management Software


The CubeView CMS (Central Management Software) can monitor and manage system log, disk drive status, enclosure, zoning function, firmware update, and history record of system temperature, voltage, and fan speed. The systems also support command line and S.E.S. that allows IT managers complete control of the storage systems and agile configuration of powerful management.



The XD5300 series has high interoperability. It supports host server running the following operating systems and virtualization environments.

  • Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016
  • SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) 10, 11, 12
  • RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) 5, 6, 7
  • CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System) 6, 7
  • Solaris 10, 11
  • FreeBSD 9, 10
  • Mac OS X 10.11 or later
  • VMware vSAN
  • Citrix
  • Windows Hyper-V & Storage Spaces

Wide Compatibility


QSAN’s product development and test departments have invested extensive testing resources to verify compatibility with peripherals including HBAs, RAID controller cards, SAS HDDs, and SSDs to make sure there is maximum compatibility with the XD5300 series. The XD5300 series provides complete compatibility support of HBAs and RAID controller cards.

  • Broadcom (LSI) 12Gb/s & 6Gb/s SAS HBA
  • Broadcom (LSI) 12Gb/s & 6Gb/s SAS RAID Controller Cards
  • ATTO 12Gb/s & 6Gb/s SAS HBA
  • ATTO 6Gb/s SAS RAID Controller CardsIn addition, QSAN has qualified the most popular SAS HDDs and SSDs on the market. Our users have the highest level of flexibility to choose from the most advanced HDDs or SSD flash drives and purchase the best cost/performance drives to suit their needs, significantly reducing IT infrastructure investment costs. The detailed compatibility matrix can be found on the QSAN website.

Green Technology


At QSAN we pride ourselves on our commitment to build highly efficient and low carbon footprint devices. To safeguard the earth and our environment, the XD5300 product range uses various green technologies for energy savings and minimization of your carbon footprint.

CPUIntel® Celeron® Quad-Core Processor up to 2.2GHZIntel® Celeron® Quad-Core Processor up to 2.2GHZ
USBUSB 3.0 x3 (Front x1, Rear x2)

USB 2.0 x2 (Rear)
USB 3.0 x3 (Front x1, Rear x2)

USB 2.0 x2 (Rear)
Drive Bays2 LFF with lock

4 LFF with lock

No. of Internal Hard Disks3:2 (LFF disk) + 1 (SFF disk)5:4 (LFF disk) + 1 (SFF disk)
Max. Raw Capacity30 TB:14TB x2 + 2TB x1

​Note:LFF=14TB, SFF=2TB
58 TB:14TB x4 + 2TB x1

​Note:LFF=14TB, SFF=2TB
Hard Drive InterfaceSATA 6Gb/s (backward compatible with SATA 3Gb/s)SATA 6Gb/s (backward compatible with SATA 3Gb/s)
Ethernet Ports1 GbE LAN (RJ45) x21 GbE LAN (RJ45) x2
(H x W x D)
160 x 119 x 216 mm70 x 190 x 235 mm
Agency CertificationsFCC Class B • CE Class B • BSMI Class B • VCCI Class B • RCM Class B • KCC Class BFCC Class B • CE Class B • BSMI Class B • VCCI Class B • RCM Class B • KCC Class B