About the Company
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About the Company

Learn about our history and work

IR Systems has developed and enhanced its operations more in the last few years than at any other time in our history. We are breaking new ground with a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to ICT, defining how it can be best deployed and managed.


Over the years we have selected best-of-breed Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for infrastructure products and best-in-class specialists for middleware products. By using our structured DREAM methodology (Define, Review, Engineer, Accelerate, Manage) we have created an organization that can simplify end to end your ICT needs, big or small, starting from the design and staying with you throughout the your technologies lifespan. Enhancing the IR Systems product portfolio are the enabling services we deploy to integrate the technologies into fully operational systems plus the sustaining services that will give total life span support – where you want it, when you want it.


Ismail Tahir - CEO

30 years as Entrepreneur. CEO and founder of IR Systems an I.T. organization. A successful I.T. Entrepreneur, possess the ability to transform the knowledge into the company profits. Ability to develop a winning team, flexibility to adopt changes of the industry, problem-solving and conflict resolution. Always up to date knowledge and continuous research of I.T. products and solutions. Being a technical expert, Vast knowledge of World present I.T. Solutions and newly born companies of the I.T Industry. Research of Latest Technologies, acquire latest I.T products.